What’s in my bag?

I am a “newb” photographer so my equipment is limited. But I’ll share what I have!

My Cameras:

  • Canon SD800 Point & Shoot: I love this camera! Silly as it is; it is so sentimental to me..It was the first digital camera my family purchased, and we purchased it right before my daughter was born to capture all the memories we would create. Now, I use this mainly to take pics of my daycare kiddos (Water & Sand on my DSLR “Maynard”? No, thank you!). I also use this little lady anywhere that I am not comfortable taking my DSLR.
  • Canon EOS Rebel T3i: This camera is my go-to body. I use this little guy for everything: personal photography, portrait sessions, weddings, etc. Funny, I love this camera too, and it was the birth of my son that inspired me to take my photography to the next level. I will likely upgrade from “Maynard” (Does anyone else name their cameras? you know, like cars?) ..down the line, and then have 2 bodies ; but this is my first year of life-after-photography, ergo I am very happy with the T3i’s output for now.

My Lenses

  • Canon EOS 50mm f/1.4: This is by far my favorite lens! I use it for mostly everything with portraits, and my kids. It is not always wide enough and then I will reach for a different lens.
  • Canon EOS 35mm f/2.0: This lens is like the Nifty Fifty in that it is an entry level 35mm. I eventually would like to upgrade this baby as I am finding that the 35mm focal length is almost perfect for lifestyle images. It is especially useful when I photograph my kiddos together.
  • Sigma 10-20mm f/5.6: This is my widest lens. I use it primarily for photographing exterior and interiors of buildings.
  • Tamron AF 28-75mm 2.8: This lens is freaking awesome. For a wedding photographer just getting into the business this lens mimics the LSeries Canon 24-70mm. In fact, it many test shots it is not discernible from the L Series. A great mid-grade lens. It is also considered a walk-about lens. I used this lens frequently when travelling as I can change widths easily.
  • Tamron AF 70-200mm 2.8: I really like this lens ALOT. It is great for macro, and also for telephoto. It is awesome for a bit of background compression in a portrait. And it is a super clear lens.



  • If I am needing to expand my lenses for weddings, or family sessions, etc: I rent lenses from www.borrowlenses.com : They have a very easy to use system. (I like that it comes right to my door, and I just re-package it all and send it to Fed Ex). Nice!

My Accessories

  • Lowepro All-Weather Shoulder Bag: this bag is nice but can not handle a lot of gear at one time.
  • A Diva & 3 Dudes Shoulder Strap: a fun accessory and it holds a lens cap!
  • Battery Charger & Extra Battery
  • UV Lens Filters for both lenses
  • Lens Cleaning Kit
  • I will be adding a Kelly Moore bag to accomodate more gear soon! (And to admire it’s loveliness). I am really digging the Libby Bag but that could change tommorow, who knows too much fun stuff to choose from!

My Software:

  • I currently use Picasa on my laptop as it is an older laptop and can’t really handle the needs of any larger software

On my (future) Desktop, which is currently being built: I have (yes I bought the software before the computer!)

My Resources & Inspiration:

  • Pinterest: An obsessively, addictive visual pin board. Proceed with caution.
  • Delicious: Great for saving articles to read later.
  • Picasa: A great, free photo sharing & sorting site. Also coordinates with Goggle + accounts.
  • Blurb: An awesome book printing website. Lots of pages (with photos!) at an excellent price point
  • Weebly: Not totally related to photography, but Weebly is a free website hosting format that I use for my daycare business. I am not a computer guru (though I should be considering the time I spend on it!) so this site works well for me, as it has templates to choose from.
  • Any sites you would like to see added to this list? Let me know I would love to share some more ideas!

Thanks for checking out my “stash”;  Leave some comments and I’d love to hear what is in your bag!


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