About Z Squared

I am a “mamarazzi” of 2 wonderful “Z’s”, Izabella & Izaiah aka Z squared. (anyone know how to make the squared symbol?).

I have a passion for all things art,  though my current preferred medium is photography. I am a natural light enthusiast:I love it’s amazing qualities. My favorite artistic moment occurs when I see a great image before it occurs. When I am not gallivanting with a camera in tow, I am [Drinking Coffee!],  playing with my kiddos and chasing them around, getting messy with art projects, working full-time (playing with other parent’s kiddos), adoring my husband, and maintaining a balance to my ever busy daily life. My ultimate goal is to find an inner calm throughout each day, and to truly savor all the little moments with my family. It is the simplistic, everyday moments that I find most meaningful.

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to my families photo journal, and the photography of Jesse Konkle Photography.

Although I love sharing information and photos, this blog, all content and images are copyright Jesse Konkle Photography. © [2011]. All rights reserved.

Please do not redistribute or reproduce part of or all of the contents in any form without express written permission. (You may however “like” us by linking our content to the social media listed on our blog, or re-blog to your own awesomeness).


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