When your toddler is crying…grab a camera and enjoy the moment.

Before I begin this post I need to give a disclaimer. (yes, it’s that kind of post):

I do not encourage nor condone emotional neglect of children. I do not practice emotional neglect of children. Nor any form of neglect. The following images were a sequence of a rather short time period. Within one minute to be precise. (According to the images metadata in Lightroom).

The backstory on these images is that my little tot sometimes wakes up from naps REALLY hard. About once a week he will require the need to be held for a good solid 20 minutes before he is ready to face the world once again.

The images in this post reflect one of those scenarios.

Immediately after taking these photos I picked up my little z, and snuggled the crap out of him until he was calm…

Would every parent run to their camera prior to consoling a child? Perhaps not. But I am a mamarazzi, a lifestyle photographer, and I know my kid…The reaction he is having in these images..is a norm for him. He needs his space to cry, then his cuddles. And; well let’s face it…I found the situation sort of humorous. Since humor allows me to keep my cool in the face of a screaming toddler, I chose to relish in the humor for one brief minute through my lens. Judge away if you must, but the above is my disclaimer.

Now to the pictures themselves. Feel free to enjoy My z’ mans adorable tantrum. All toddlers seem to be masters of the tantrum moments, and well I can’t help but love the cute little faces they make.

Let her Cry-1

Let her Cry-2

Let her Cry-3

This image is by far my favorite one in the entire sequence. I just love how his little lip is puckering and he is trying oh so very hard to look miserable.

Let her Cry-5

Let her Cry-6

Let her Cry-7

And he’s all done and ready for snuggle time.

What behavior does your kiddo do that is funny?

Thanks for stopping by! ~Jesse

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