Will winter ever leave?

It is SNOWING (ugh, seriously Nature?!)  where I live today, and it reminded me of what happened to my family & I last week.

Last week was a BAD week for my family. On Wednesday my state had an ice storm. Our power went out for 8 hours (I am pretty sure a tree branch fell on a line somewhere), and our basement flooded. Long story short…I could have gotten caught up in the drama of dealing with homeownership problems. In fact, I did.

But a very good and amazing friend of mine sent me a text, suggesting I take some photos of the ice before it is gone. My initial text back was: “Sorry, bad timing, basement flooded power out. Next time. Thanks Anyways.”

I continued to work for a few hours clearing out our basement, cleaning the water. And then I went upstairs and looked outside; and paused. My friend was right. I couldn’t let life’s problems be the focus of the day. I needed to remember to stop, breath, and enjoy the small gifts we are given. So I pulled out my camera, popped on my 70-200 and took some quick macro shots. A ten minute break to eliminate stress, and document something wonderful.

(Even though the “wonderful moment” happened to be the reason our power went out and basement flooded!).




(Do you see the pond in the background? It’s not really a pond, it is the flood of water that poured down on us the night prior.)




I see blog post’s like Jean’s at The Artful Parent and I want to curl up in bed and cry. (COME ON SPRING!!). BUT one thing is certain, there is beauty in what is happening around me as well.

Thanks for stopping by!



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