Computer Zombie, Dinosaurs, and Butterflies; Oh my!

Four weeks down and I am still waiting for my computer to be fixed…Can I just say I feel like I am in purgatory? Who knew someone could become so attached to a machine.

A short prologue: My family choose to eliminate television last summer, and I didn’t even bat an eye.  [Okay maybe I pouted a bit when I couldn’t watch HGTV anymore, or any other random tween show…Yes I have very poor taste in television. What can I say? I like bubblegum piled on top of a big load of cheese.].

Because making the transition from life with T.V. to life without T.V. was pretty painless, I presumed waiting for my computer would be of similar nature. Oh how very wrong I was. It is almost like my umbilical cord to all that is holy is cut, and now I am fumbling through my life not knowing what to do next. I literally feel as though I can not function. My daycare business, my photography, my entertainment all of it is at a stand still. My productivity is at zero.  I am a walking zombie shouting “COMPUTER!!!; must have COMPUTER!”.  I am truly astonished at my zombie-like state: How in the heck did I become so attached to a machine!?

To fill the gap I tried to overuse my smart phone. I do NOT encourage excessive smart phone usage. I swear my eyesight went from “I have bad eyesight” to “Oh, wow, I am almost blind” in a matter of a week of squinting at my smart phone too often. I now have to remind myself every day: “Jesse, your smart phone is not a computer; you can’t take pictures if your blind, for the love of God stop already!”. (Yes my internal dialogues get a bit commanding at times).

So there you have it. I, Jesse the Mamarazzi, am addicted to my computer.

After my addiction could no longer be sated via my smart phone: I hijacked my husbands most prized possession: his gaming computer. This may sound like a simple solution to any household missing one computer but just wait: This is actually how I can tell my hubby loves me.

He loves me so much that he was willing to part with his computer. He does this with the complete understanding that trusting me with anything that costs over $100.00 almost always ends badly. Honestly, it really is only a matter of time….before it is left in the rain (our camera), spilled on (a keyboard) , lost ($200.00 cash), put in the Washer & Dryer (our iPod), dropped (my old computer). Lets just say when it comes to “memory retention” and “innate sense of awareness” I got the short end of the stick.

My husband’s parting words: “Jesse, please just whatever you do; do not get a virus or open a fishing scam or something”. Ahh my wonderful man. See how much he loves me? Don’t be fooled folks, he checks on the computer every time I am done using it.  “Jesse what is this Picasa thing?” “What is .delicious?”…I imagine he will start to wishing for my comp to be fixed more than I.

Because of second shooting a wedding I needed to unload my pics from my camera’s card to hubs computer (Thanks Craig!). I am very happy for Z-squared; unloading the pics means Z Squared does not have to be in Zombie purgatory as well!

The next few photos are pictures of my family’s trip to our local public museum. It is two hours away, and was our first ever planned family vacation. We stayed in a hotel afterwards and swam. (The trip combined all my families favs: Water, Dinosaurs, and Bugs!). Thanks for stopping!

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3 thoughts on “Computer Zombie, Dinosaurs, and Butterflies; Oh my!

  1. Justin Konkle on said:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Great pictures. How did the wedding shoot go?

    • Hi Justin!

      The wedding shoot went great! It was tons of fun. I learned alot of things both about the business end of wedding photography and about using my camera differently. The few things I learned about my camera: I prefer to shoot with prime lenses, but sometimes in wedding scenarios they are not the best tool to use. I also learned that my camera’s screen is deceptive..sometimes I think the picture is clear, but once I saw it on my computer it had alot of noise.

      I will write about this more soon!:) Thanks Justin!

    • The lens is seriously fantastic! I honestly thought I would still stick to using the prime lens more; but in many wedding scenarios (movement, group pictures, etc.) the prime fell short. This is where the 24-70 really proved to be a great tool. (I also think it would make a great everyday lens aka walk-about lens). One thing to note: I also found that having a telephoto in future wedding scenarios would definately come in handy or be ideal; especially during the ceramony setting. (during this time I couldn’t get close enough to get the images that I like. In my opinion my images fell short because of it…good thing I was just the 2nd shooter!).

      Ultimately, I still prefer the prime lens for the close portrait scenarios even in wedding photog. I think if I would pursue wedding photography professionally I would need to have lots of lenses handy!

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