My first smart phone post

In an effort to expand my photog knowledge, I will be second shooting a wedding this weekend.

I am very excited! I have no idea what to expect save a long and tiring day. I decided to test the waters a bit and see if its for me.

So to celebrate the excursion, I rented a lens for the weekend:

The Canon 24-70mm f/2.8

I’m excited to try it out. A sidenote: What a beast! I was shocked when I pulled the lens out of the packaging and felt it in comparison to the kit lens and nifty fifty I own. This guy is heavy and solid! No plastic here. Had I known just how well this glass was built I would have  lifted  weights in preparation!

Here is a snapshot of the lens with an Izzy head too. ( fyi my comp is still broke this image is from my phone…so the quality is a bit laxed.)

Funny, when I don’t want iz in the picture she gives the best smiles
and even looks at the camera too! I may have to try this tactic in the future…).


Have a great weekend!

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One thought on “My first smart phone post

  1. Justin Konkle on said:

    How did you like the lens?

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