Some good ol’ family Easter Fun

Happy spring everyone! It is actually pretty cold ’round here, but Saturday’s weather proved to be very nice. I took my kiddos and their cuz to the nearby state park for some easter fun/spring pictures. I was very excited how they turned out and spent the majority of the weekend trying out: Picasa.

Because I do not really have any: I am trying out all sorts of editing software these days, figuring out which ones I like best…So far Picasa serves my needs better than Windows Media [Both of which are free services]. I will hopefully be getting Lightroom shortly, and then I have a feeling I will not go back to any free software.

Okay so without further ado here are some very cute pics of my kiddos. We had so much fun having snacks, looking for easter were pretty oblivious to the photo shoot!..(which is great)…Except for this one moment; which is just too funny not to share:

In this pic Izzy is adamantly telling me she does not want to participate. (Its a SOOC pic, but you can still see the “o” in the NO! she is shouting at me). Hey, all in all one “bad” shot from my Z girl is actually an excellent mamarazzi day.

. There are also some very adorable cousin pics and maybe I’ll share those at a later date.

Just a quick side not: I did make a very big rookie mistake!! I forgot to have the “parents” (My MIL & SIL) stand directly behind me. So most of the pictures are of the kiddos looking everywhere but in the camera! Ah well…next time:)

Oh…and I learned a few things about setting boundaries with the adults on set so to speak. Sometimes you just have to tell them to step away:). (I had a truly adorable shot of my niece that I could not capture due to a grandma adjusting bunny ears in the background). Heh what are you going to do eh? Certainly not tell my MIL what to do! hahah. I suppose that is the nature of shooting family, but in the future I might make some helpful suggestions before we begin:) Anyone else shoot their families?? What do you do in these scenarios? Shooting for family/friends seems like it comes with its own set of rules… That I am still learning:)

I love this picture of Iz. The next one has a bit of a pink tone to the skin that I will have to fix later..

An easter photo shoot and not a single fake bunny to be had! Well..except maybe Zaiah, but he makes a darn cute one.! Hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks for “hopping” over!…yeah yeah I love cheesy clichés, I can’t help myself.

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2 thoughts on “Some good ol’ family Easter Fun

  1. Great photographs – gorgeous children! This looks like a fantastic location to photograph

    • Thanks Sarah, it is definately a great place to photograph, and so close to home too! We’re very fortunate to have such a fun place to play (and shoot!) nearby. Thanks for visiting!

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