My excuse: I practice surrealist interior design.

I have no pretenses of having a “pretty” house right now…Though my home is beautifully constructed (at least I think so!) I have a toddler, a preschooler, and I run a family daycare. To make matters worse, my toddler recently began walking, and is now moving into the “I want to climb everything, and throw everything on the ground” stage. Ergo everyday a storm of toys, markers, whatever explodes in my house. And every day, like clockwork, I dutifully pick up after the storm making my house orderly by 8pm.

Why do I even do this?? By 8 am the next day another storm hits. As each day of the “I will climb everything, scare the *poop* out of you, throw all my toys everywhere”  lifestyle progresses; and each storm passes, my resolve to clean is less and less. I’m beginning to realize that until my toddler is old enough to “help” clean up his masterpieces, I am just following a pattern of insanity.

To further demonstrate the insanity here is what I used to do (Pre- Hurricane Izaiah):

Pick up toys and place in categorized tubs (cars with cars, balls with balls, weebles with weebles, puzzle pieces together) etc. Place on shelves in orderly fashion.

And now, Post-Hurricane Izaiah: Put everything in one gigantic bucket and wait in the eye of the storm.

(This is the actual bucket I am using)…18 gallons of glory.

I know I am going to offend some well-meaning parents out there. After all, I am an early educator I should know better. I know that my actions (shoving it all in a bucket) in no way supports the learning process. (Reserach indicates that kiddos learn and play better if things are organized visually and they have easy to have access to) I know my choice (The gigantic bucket) is chaotic, and deconstructive: I am likely to lose toys, puzzle pieces, etc. Long and short I am doing a “bad” thing…

So why am I doing this? I prefer to stay sane. I have daydreams of myself continuously picking up after hurricane Z trying to create order and then some day just snapping…freaking out on my poor kiddos.  I guess the gigantic bucket is my way of preventing mamarazzi insanity. My sanity should positively impact my children’s learning somehow right?!

So for now; until Z’s hurricane stage passes, my sole intentions in cleaning is to keep my kiddos safe. Thank you bucket!

For today’s enjoyment I thought I would share some photos of my little hurricane doing his new favorite activity: Climbing our couch…

For all the nervous nellies in the world (like me) no need to fret over Z man’s safety: I have since moved our couch and placed it backwards in front of the fireplace. Now he can’t climb either hazard!!!  Plus, I hear the backwards couch look is all the rage in home decor these days. You know like a “surrealist” interior design movement. It exists, really.

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