A Sunday Picnic

To celebrate the beautiful weather, I took my kiddos on a picnic.  I wanted to try to get out during the “golden” hour so to speak for good lighting. and I was very excited that I timed it well. I think the lighting turned out pretty awesome, but a few quick things I figured out right away…

  1. When photographing both my kiddos at the same time I need back-up: Husband, friend, etc.(It’s hard to keep my tot’s attention!) All he wanted to do was check out his surroundings…
  2. My timing was a bit off; I should have got to the park a bit earlier. (20 minutes maybe)
  3. I need to bring extra clothes for changes in weather. Though it was warm when we were packing up, once the sun started to go down my daughter was “cold”…and pouty!! (Check out this image, it says it all a crabby Izzy and explorative Zaiah…)
  4. I may need to use  reflector for getting light on faces in this setting.
  5. Without a “helper” I am screwed when it comes to facial expressions from my kiddos, though Izzy did very well today! (crazy, right) it was Z baby that was too “busy” to participate. I tried to get his attention, but well…nature won.

So here are some of the images from the picnic. All in all it was lots of fun, I even let the Z man eat strawberries whole!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 thoughts on “A Sunday Picnic

  1. Beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!

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