Some mad skills [Week 2] and a sleepy Z.

It’s hard not to think about spring with the fantastic weather we’ve experienced in my area. In the northeast nice weather is especially treasured, and my family spends lots of time outside when we can. This made the outdoor portion of lighting challenging easy to complete.

The subject: My Z baby fell asleep while swinging (Poor guy!) and I realized I couldnt ask for a better subject in a lighting challenge involving various angles then a sleeping child floating in space! (not really floating, but you know what I mean).

The results: To evaluate the lighting with the most clarity, I am reviewing/presenting all the shots in SOOC. One thing I immediately noticed when I was taking pics of my pooped out baby; (too cute!), was how subtle changes in position can drastically alter what shadows occur in the images, especially in the foreground. In addition, I also noticed how changes in my position effect the background lighting.

The skills challenge had one very positive outcome: It forced me to think for a long time when taking the shots about the whys behind each image. I would ask myself what was happening differently to cause say a shadow, etc.

I don’t necessarily know if I learned anything new about lighting environments (i.e. the answers to my questions) from photographing my sleepy baby; but at least I got to record a cute moment. If  you have any answers to the whys after reviewing the pics I would love to hear them!

With that being said, I do feel I need to try this skills challenge a few more times to gain a better understanding about lighting. But definately off to a good start. Happy Monday!

Here is my Z baby! I tried moving his jacket away from his face to see his cute sleepy lips, but doing so just made him wakeful. [The Z squared duo are not well known for their awesome sleeping habits..rather in my life the phrase “shh..the baby’s/child’s sleeping” really means: If you value your life, do not make any sudden movements, or utter any sounds audible by human ears else suffer the Z’s wrath!]

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