Photo Challenge Week 2: Light

 It is a no-brainer that photographers love light. The images created revolve around the type and quality of light. How light is transmitted into the camera ultimately dictates how the images are recorded. As a novice, I feel it is imperative for me to have a firm understanding of lighting. I know this skill will come with time, but I also would like to get a “jump-start” so to speak..

For this weeks photo challenge I am going to study light and how it falls on a subject (Direction of light). I will do this by taking pictures of a subject matter at various angles hoping to do a 360 around the subject. This way I can see first-hand how position of lighting effects the images of the subject. i will do this indoors and outdoors.

Many light factors can effect the image, Michael Abela discusses these factors in his article: Properties of light and how to apply them in photography.


I hope by doing this exercise I will be able to walk into a scene and have a better understanding of the optimal lighting scenarios before taking any shots! And here is some inspiration to get started!




Kamee June Photography has some great back-lit images of her little one here. (Her back lighting and solar flares are awesome!) A simple google or pinterest search for lighting and photography can bring up tons of inspiring images.

I will post my interpretations of the challenge next week. Thanks, and happy shooting!

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