Family Ski Weekend

My husband’s family takes an annual ski trip in the beginning of March. It is a nice change a pace towards the end of winter. (Where I live winter weather can last 5-7 months of the year) The trip gives us something fun to look forward to when the season seems to drag on. This year’s ski trip had special significance for my family: our daughter was old enough to try skiing for the first time!

We were all very excited for her first experience: My husband was especially stoked to share this moment with her; and I was psyched to immortalize it in digital form. (I do ski but opted not to this year). I’ll share the photos from the weekend, but a few quick “technical” notes:

  1. the 50mm f/1.8 seemed a bit hard to focus when Izzy was skiing past me downhill. Initially I tried auto focus thinking this would be the best for objects in movement. Then I tried manual focus with the prime for a bit, and it did not seem to help. I ended up switching to a zoom lens for a bit to acheive a better focus. (Is this a prime lens issue??)
  2. The white balance was a bit harder to acheive in manual mode…it took me a minute or so to find the sweet spot so to speak. But eventually I found it! [Like my subject: Izzy on skis, I just kept trying until I got it right.]. The good news: It is easier for me to do this the more I utilize manual mode.
  3. The settings for that day’s conditions: ISO at 200, & F stop 2.2 worked best.
  4. Perhaps the most amazing photography feat of the weekend: The SOOC images hardly needed any edits in windows live gallery. Which I imagine this means my skills are improving, and that is a great thing for any novice to experience!

Here is the gallery, Thanks for stopping!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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