Focus Photo Challenge- Complete!

I know its not Thursday, [Friday counts, right?]. I have to admit, finding time to do the photo challenge was a bit hard. I am glad I am pushing myself to do this: accountability is definately an awesome & effective learning tool.

Before I share my results of the challenge I wanted to provide some resources/sites I visited during my focus on focus ( I love word plays):

  • Amy Earle at Simply B Photos lent her expertiese for all the newbies of the world on her blog. Her Move to Manual series (along with Courtney Kirkland) highlights some techniques including focus & light which I recommend reading.  
  • Elizabeth Halford on her blog; The photography Blog, discusses metering & focus.

A basic google search can bring up many valuable resources on the subject. I find the that when I researching a topic, if I practice the skill immediately afterwards it helps me to retain the information. [My husband frequently observes me viewing my computer screen in complete and utter abandon (thats normal), and then without any warning signs I will jump out of my seat and scramble to my camera as though it were a life preserver. (not normal) He stopped asking “whats wrong?” and now just to nods and laughs.]

Here are my results from the photo challenge.  I used Izzy B as my subject for this challenge as she is my more difficult child to photograph. I tried a few different environments and I was very happy to see improvements. The first thing I did for the challenge was switch to fully manual mode. I then would attempt the focus with automatic focus, and manual focus. If I am taking my time in the shot, manual focus did draw better results. It did seem if Izzy was moving around a lot having the lens in automatic focus helped.










So same pose (Yes I got Iz to pose!! I told her she would want to remember her fav stuffed animals and she ate it up!)…The left attempt is in manual, using automatic focus and with focal points. The right is also in manual but with manual focus. (Not sure why they can’t be viewed side-by-side, in the post template they are side-by-side…sorry!)Notice how nicely she is sitting??? It did make focusing easier as I could slow down and think too.

I am going to have lots of practice this weekend (Going skiing with my family). I’ll have more to share on Monday.


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