The Skills Challenge: Week 1

My need for organization is borderline obsessive.

I am constantly trying to find ways to organize, especially my brain chaos…[ a bit of a deviation: If you havent done so already, I recommend both pinterest, and delicious for assisting with online chaos]..

Back to my brain: I like to imagine my mind as an old school pin ball machine…my ideas just bouncing all over the place, and without my interventions (button mashing) they take a direct route into the big hole at the end.

I’ve noticed my attempts to learn photography are starting to resemble that pin ball machine; ideas bouncing a little bit everywhere, One day wanting to work on focus, the next aperture, next black and white; ultimately causing my learning attempts to funnel out of my brain; reaching the hole at the bottom of the pin-ball machine pretty quick.

To control this situation, and develop a photography learning lesson-plan so to speak;  I am joining the “photo challenge” phenomena. I am going to create a weekly photo challenge for myself to hone my newbie skills… I would follow a pre-existing photo challenge; but being a new photographer, I wanted the perimeters of the challenge to reflect what skills I need to build the most.

The Skill Challenge

Here is the plan (inspired by the typical photo challenge structure): Each Thursday I will post the technique/skill I am aiming to work on for the week. I will then use the week to focus on building that specific skill. I will post the results on Wednesday night or Thursday Morning with the next skill challenge. if you would like to join me in this endeavor I would love to see your works as well. You can comment on your experiences, or even share your images. I’ll create a gallery link for everyone to join the party.

I know it’s not Thursday, but I am going to post the skill I am working on this week today. It gives me a head start to the challenge, and an opportunity for you to join as well.

This weeks photo challenge: Focus

For those who’ve visited my site before…this is my current issue. What a great place to begin! I am going to figure out the focus of my 50mm f/1.8, finally!

Here is a link to Amanda at Everyday Elements who wrote a nice article about focus:

Another great resource to get started with: Digital Photography School’s site.

Now I am off to begin mastering focus! Just out of curiosity….what are some technical skill “challenges” you face in your photography??

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