An [almost] professional photography session

Word on the street is that I am a daycare provider. Okay, well maybe word is not on the street, or if words are on the street, it would most definately not be about me, or my job. But yes I take care of little one’s for money. (And love it!). One of my daycare families just had a baby a few weeks ago, and I asked for the opportunity to do their newborn shoot. To my sheer pleasure they immediately and hapily agreed.

Having never done “professional” photography session or a newborn session, I was very excited going into the day. In fact, the anticipation was almost overwhelming. [Let’s just say the night before was a blur of caffine, and valentine’s day candy, all consumed after 11 p.m.]. Yet, despite my stimulant(s) rush I felt prepared.  Prior to approaching the family, I did my research on the how-to’s of newborn sessions. (LOTS of fantastic sources out there…Loved inspiremebaby‘s pull-back, and mcp action’s post on booking newborn sessions ). Having said that, being an existing buisness owner (Daycare) I wasn’t too worried about the professional aspects of the shoot. I was however nervous about posing people as I mainly until this point focused on candid photography. With that being said, having the family volunteer for free was a blessing. It took any pressure away from the final product, and let me focus my efforts on the important parts to me right now: skill building. It was a win-win for us both.

Working for “Free” as a novice:

Just a quick side story about working for free. My perspective/advice to any novice photographers questioning whether or not to work for “free”….I recommend doing it. My reasoning is as follows: why try to sell an “almost” good product, at reduced rates, and potentially lock yourself into a pattern of reduced rates, when you can create some buzz via word of mouth all while building up to an excellent product you can be confident in asking for a great price. Take it or leave it, but this was my logic going into the session.

How it went:

Being a first time, there were some definate bumps in the road, but over-all it was a fantastic day. I started with the baby’s awake poses with the family, and then worked into the individual sleepy poses. My previous knowledge of the family took some pressure away when doing the family pictures, but I can tell I definately need work on posing groups (and just posing in general). Here are a few of the shots from the session (edited in microsoft photo gallery only).

When I look at these shots I am happy to see my confidence in the technical skills building. I do see some definate growth opportunities, and I am sure they are somewhat easy to spot…example: In the family photo I realize I could have encouraged a bit more facial expressions. Likewise with the black & white, I could have had them switch spots to get a bit more of mom’s face.

Regardless of the room for growth, I am still pleased with the experience.

I can’t wait to edit them (with real software) and produce a product for them. How cool is portrait photography?!  You can create art that is meaningful to you, but perhaps something as equally important, you can capture a special moment in someone’s life. It is a humbling experience and I loved every minute of it. (Even the poop/pee ones).  The only thing I would have done differently; and will try to do with more experience, is to take candid photos inbetween shots. Those moments most likely would hold great significance to client’s as well.

And least we forget the star of the day?:)

I kind of like the composition on this B&W one…I hesitate because it seems a bit awkward in the baby’s neck area, but I really like the elongated arm and negative space.

I’m loving the hat and the adorable belly button stub!

All in all a great experience, and I would definately do it again. Now I just need CS5 & get some cute skin actions!



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