Noice induced hearing loss, I embrace you.

For two weeks now my days are nights are haunted by blood curling screams. I am living in a tropical storm, existing between the eye of calm, and the storm of screams. I tip toe through my life wondering…when will the next scream come? How much more can my brain handle before my ears bleed?

My wonderful little Z baby is fastly becoming a thing of nightmares. Upon entering toddler-hood, a strong need to communicate has formed in his little brain. He wants to tell me when he is hungry, tired, wants something, doesn’t want something, dirty diaper etc. The litany is endless. Yet be it as it may, he is not willing to rely on his old communication forms (a look, a cry, etc.) and does not quite have new communication skills (a gesture, a word, sign language)…..and so the screaming ensues.

  • I’m Hungry: Scream
  • I’m Tired: Scream
  • I’m Bored: Scream
  • I’m Thirsty: Scream
  • I’m excited: Scream
  • Change my diaper: Scream
  • Play with me: Scream
  • Give me that: Scream
  • Pick me up: Scream
  • Scream, scream, scream make my ears ring scream

There is no exaggeration here. His screams can shatter glass. They make my ears ring for minutes afterward, and pierce my brain eliminating any sanity I have left. I cannot think, or function when he is in screaming mode. My flight or fight instincts go in full force and I envision nasty little ways to make the screaming stop:….fires, decapitation, muzzles, cutting off my ears and becoming a Van Gogh wanna-be.

The obvious answer most seasoned parents will give is: teach sign language, or look for cues before the scream comes, remove him when he screams..Yep. Got it…Thanks for the insights. But the reality is I’ve tried those things…I am an early childhood educator by day (novice photographer by night). I know what I am supposed to do. I’ve been trying to teach sign language:

  1. Izaiah eating: Screams
  2. [me] Izaiah do you want more? Say “More” (demonstrating sign)
  3. [zaiah] Screams
  4. [Me} Zaiah say “more” (hand over hand sign)
  5. [Zaiah] cries, smacks his hands together, then screams…

And so it goes…I am in my own little torture chamber and being the mamarazzi that I am, could not resist providing photographic evidence of my dismay.

So enjoy this little collage… cause all hearing loss aside, it is actually pretty funny.

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3 thoughts on “Noice induced hearing loss, I embrace you.

  1. The pictures are great and I’m sorry to hear that he is in that phase of things. Just keep up with the dedication to teaching him guestures and signs and he will get it eventually. Just remember that as long as he is safe, it is okay to walk away from the situation for a few minutes to give yourself a mini-break from the scream-induced hearing loss!

    Love ya! Stick in there!

    • Thanks, for the support! I find that the most frequent & volitile screams occur during feeding times or near nap so it does seem to have a pattern…with a pattern there is hope!

  2. Justin on said:

    Hey Jesse,
    Good luck with the screaming. Great job with the photos. You are really good at capturing the moment.

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