A boo boo, a box and a birthday.

My little Z is turning one in a few weeks! I am sad that he is becoming a toddler, I really love little babies, but I am looking forward to photographing the festivities; parties and people bring all sorts of new photographic opportunities. What more could a novice photographer ask for?

 In addition to the parties, I decided I want to do a photo session to commemorate his one year old status! I felt it would be easier to really focus and hone my skills if I do this seperate from the party. Besides, babies experiencing cake for the first time is just too cute to pass up. I intended on implementing this session yesterday (I have balloons, party hats & all)…but my poor baby gave himself a big ol’ scratch on his nose in his sleep. (Doesn’t it look painful?) I cut his nails that morning!

Hopefully after a few days of healing I can aim for the birthday session to happen. It would make sense to just “photoshop” the owie away, but at this time I do not own any real editing software. All I currently use is what came pre-installed on my comp: Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Too bad we can’t photoshop owies away in real life!

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