A really bad series…..

I’ve been sharing quite a bit of nice photos lately…so for a change of pace I would like to share the “tree-head”..photo series..ahem. I think it is appropriate for a novice to express errors in judgement too. Documenting them will help me learn (At least I hope)…plus it can be pretty amusing to look at…so here it is one of many mishaps in the “tree-head” photo series:

I know what happend, and I am sure I am not the only novice to have this occur: my kiddos were getting “annoyed” with the mamarazzi scene. [that is putting it pretty mild: Zaiah was cold, Izzy was bored, and I felt rushed by it.] Ergo, I looked in my viewfinder, quickly saw the shot was focused, had a good white balance and so I just snapped away.


In retrospect…Many mistakes:

  1. the composition was very off the placement of the kiddos is not very aesthetically appealing: (next to eachother vs interacting somehow)…
  2.  there is a random log in the background,
  3. and least we forget the tree-head!

Had a just took one slight moment to breathe, think, and really look…I could have remedied all these “mistakes”…and had a pleasing shot….

Heh, or maybe not. Sometimes knowing when to call it quits comes in handy too!



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2 thoughts on “A really bad series…..

  1. Poor Zaiah’s face in the last picture… all upset! I’m sure you were too after the day! 😦 I’m so happy that you are taking pictures and learning the erros such as the “tree head” picture. I kind of think it’s funny! Keep taking photo’s and I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it! Let me know if you need some help with models or a sitter for one of kids or … anything at all!

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