Black & White vs 2.0 and a new year.

Happy New year!

My kiddos got this huge box house for christmas and I couldn’t resist taking pics of it. My daughter had so much fun coloring it…here she is exploring the door. I liked the composition on this image. Since it’s the new year I couldn’t resist adding an obligatory new years hat photo!

Today was the first day that it snowed in my area all winter. [By snow I mean stayed on the ground]…Yay!! So my goal is to get outside and try to figure out the white balance in snow. Hopefully my kiddos & hands will cooperate. Stay warm!

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4 thoughts on “Black & White vs 2.0 and a new year.

  1. The shadows and light look awesome in the pictures of Izzy!

  2. Justin on said:

    Really a cool picture of Izzy! In general, great job!

  3. Love this black and white of Izzy and the box

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