Black and White…attempt 1.

My family is squatting in our home today. We are all extremely sick, tired, and full of snot. Ergo photography is put on the back burner for the day. Yet, I feel it is imperative to take at least one photo a day to hone my skills. So…I tried my first attempt of black and white this evening. A few things I learned:

  1. stark contrast in light makes a better image.
  2. Texture really translates well
  3. composition takes a priority
  4. taking pictures in my house feels pretty limiting when I am not photographing people!

So…now I am off to research more black & white…and then going to sleep to fight of germs. Stay healthy!

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3 thoughts on “Black and White…attempt 1.

  1. nice first attempt. Good choice of area for contrast and framing.

  2. Thanks! B&W is a bit more daunting than I first expected it to be, but I like how visually when shooting your focus shifts on other qualities (texture, shadows, etc.) when doing B&W. Will keep at it!

  3. The contrast and texture is looking good. I also like that the lines in this picture point towards your focal point…. keep it up and I hope you feel better!

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