New Camera, New Blog

I’ve always been passionate about photography, taking pictures nearly daily. Yet, for me, photography took a “backseat” in my artistic expressions to the more classical approaches to art; painting, drawing, and sculpting. I was happy in this approach: painting expressively and photographing for documentary purposes. This was my artistic style until my first child was born. After her birth I struggled to find time to devote to my artwork, (as most parents do) and placed all my creative energies into raising her. Yet, I continued to take pictures daily and, photographing my children became my obsession. I was always trying to find the next “aha” moment, when I could capture them in a way I wanted to remember forever, a hand gesture, a facial expression, a laugh. And so it goes; each day they play & learn, and each day I photo journal the experiences.

Up until this year my primary camera was a Canon Powershot SD800. This little point and shoot served my family and children well, capturing all of our favorite memories. Yet it wasnt until I purchased my digital SLR, that my photography became something else to me: art.

And thus here we are. New camera, renewed interest in art in an entirely different medium for me. This blog will be dual functioning: documenting my photography; and journaling my families daily lives in photo form (with some words here and there). As I am a complete novice to SLR photography, trial and errors are a given. I am excited to see the growth in my photography translate through this blog. Heh, at least there better be growth!

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2 thoughts on “New Camera, New Blog

  1. Welcome, looking forward to seeing more!

  2. I can’t wait to keep following your blog! LOVING the pictures thus far!

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